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 Reflections of a Feminist Ambivert

Using my knowledge, thoughts and voice to reflect change in the world through advocacy, training and consultancy.


Thank you for browsing my website. You may be wondering what exactly it is that being a Feminist Ambivert is all about.

Using the term feminist is not there to alienate anyone or make anyone feel uncomfortable. It is a clarification of a collective of people who embrace principles to eliminate inequality, gender stratification, promote equity, aim to end violence and sexual exploitation, and abuse. Feminists support a belief and advocacy that women and girls should have economic, political and social equality. Feminism is about fighting oppressions and any system that needs positive change.

Being an Ambivert is about discovering self identity and being malleable to situations, without judgement or pressure of feeling labelled as an introvert or extrovert. It's about displaying the necessary qualities and personality traits, as and when they are required. This enables a deeper understanding of self worth and being comfortable in ones own power.

It is my passion and mission to dismantle oppressive practice by raising awareness, encourage critical thinking and share knowledge. Raising empowerment for the good of the whole.

RFA Training and Services

I specialise in creating, delivering training modules of various topics including Working with Women with experience in the Criminal Justice System, Topics around VAWG, Domestic Abuse, Respecting Boundaries and Understanding Consent, Women Empowerment topics and Understanding Vicarious Trauma.

I am an accredited Victim Focus trainer, able to deliver the following modules to organisations in

Understanding Trauma Informed Practice

* Critical perspectives of Child Sexual Exploitation and Child Sexual Abuse

* Psychology of Victim Blaming/self blame of women and girls subjected to sexual violence

All attendees will receive a CPD accreditation certificate and these are available to be delivered face to face or online via Zoom or MS Teams.

Most presentations or talks are adaptable to the relevant audiences whether this be statutory agencies, third sector, conferences or educational, community settings.

I provide consultancy advice to offer guidance for areas of positive improvement for staff of services, to be more aware of working with trauma awareness and gender equality. I am also able to offer independent advocacy  for individuals seeking  support within the above mentioned topics.

If there is any service you would be interested in discussing or would like to get in touch for further information please use the form below. Enquiries will be answered within three working days.

Thanks for submitting!

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